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How blirtatious are you??

Blirtatiousness (Swann & Rentfrow, 2001) is a measure of how "loose and fast" you are when communicating with other people. In other words, do you blurt out?

For instance, a blirtatiousness person will say more things more quickly when having a conversation with someone else; they will respond more quickly to an obnoxious phone call or to personal insults. However, they are perceived by others to be more likable and competent!

Find out how you score with this very quick, 5 minute test.

This study is part of an MSc dissertation at KCL looking at how certain parts of someone's character relate to the way in which they shop. As such, there are two parts to this study. Firstly, you will pretend to shop for some food on a mock online store; then you will rate your agreement with some statements about yourself on a 5-point scale. There are a few demographics questions to answer as well. You will then immediately receive feedback on your personality.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Fagan.

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