EQ vs. IQ

Psych Research

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Emotional intelligence is very important for personal achievement in life.
  • "Emotional intelligence fosters good mental health"
  • "Researchers find that top leaders have high EI"
  • "All successful leaders need self-awareness"
Emotional intelligence is characterised by the ability to recognise and manage your own, and other people's, emotions. People high in this trait are empathetic, stable and sociable.

However, although EI is a very 'hot' topic, plain old intelligence (IQ) is still extremely important. It is a consistent predictor of positive life outcomes.

So how do you measure up on both EQ and IQ? Finding out could help you improve your chances of success.

At the end of a short, 20-minute questionnaire you will be given your score on EI and IQ, and also advice on how to improve them.

You can send this test to your colleagues, managers, friends and family to see how you compare.

Thank you for taking part in this study.